Learn more about the various internship opportunities available at Pathfinders.

Pathfinders provides excellent training opportunities for students in counseling, psychology and social work at the undergraduate and master's level.

Students help Pathfinders achieve our mission, while we help them further their professional development. Throughout Milwaukee, many practicing professionals have expanded their knowledge and skills through training opportunities at Pathfinders over the past 5 decades.

Internship opportunities at Pathfinders include:

  • Undergraduate students in social work and other helping professions work primarily in our Youth Shelter and Drop-In Center.
  • Master’s degree students in counseling and social work affiliate as Interns in clinical roles primarily at the Youth Shelter and Hand-In-Hand program. Supervision is provided by an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker. A two or three semester commitment is required. This is an advanced internship for students with prior experience.
  • We also provide internship opportunities for individuals developing professional skills in administration and nonprofit leadership.

New students begin their affiliation throughout the year, generally in January, June or September. Because Pathfinders offers strong clinical training, we regularly receive many more applications than we are able to accept for our limited number of openings.

Pathfinders is deeply committed to diversity in all that we do, and we strive to create a diverse cohort of students in our training programs. We welcome applications from diverse individuals who mirror the diversity of our youth and the community we serve.

For more information on internships at Pathfinders, please contact our Volunteer ​and Community Outreach Manager, Jake Spence, at

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