Our Model

Learn more about what Pathfinders finds essential to successfully working with the youth we serve.

Positive Youth Development

At Pathfinders, we are committed to enabling a ladder of opportunity for the young people we serve. We treat youth as valuable assets to both our organization and community.  In recognition of this, we strive to grow leaders from within as much as possible through things such as our youth leadership councils, youth led programming,  providing volunteer positions of substance, and developing youth to become future employees of Pathfinders.

Trauma INformed care

Trauma Informed Care has an overarching impact on nearly all of the work we do at Pathfinders. Every time we begin working with a youth we assume they have experienced some level of trauma in their past. This guides us on figuring out the best way to assist them in healing from this trauma so they can effectively accomplish the goals they self-identify. 

housing first

A guiding principal throughout our organization is the belief that housing is a right, not a privilege. We employ a “Housing First” model, in which we strive to stabilize a young person’s housing as quickly as possible – and then provide them with additional services that will fulfill their needs and help our youth achieve the goals they have established for themselves.  Youth-centered case management, along with individualized support, focuses on each youth’s strengths, assets, and “protective factors” so that the transition to a healthy adulthood is successfully achieved.

evidenced based

We believe our clients are important enough that they deserve the best help we can give them, which is why we consistently invest in researching and deciding on what nationally certified models we want to implement, and then we train staff to do so. We do this because we want to utilize methods that are proven to work. We collaborate with higher educational institutions throughout our community as much as possible to promote innovative solutions for the work we do.  

Youth-led programming

At Pathfinders, young people not only receive services and support, but give the same to their peers through both volunteer work and paid employment. Youth have the most important say in the services we provide and HOW we most effectively provide them.  Our youth serve as Peer Advocates, AmeriCorps Members, Youth Leaders, and Advisory Board Representatives.